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Gluten-free Miso

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Do you perhaps have an omnivorous friend who might be willing to take the remainder of the container off your hands if you find that you don't tolerate it?

Many hard-to-define health problems, some since childhood.

Diagnosed with spastic colon circa 1984.

My father also had many hard-to-define health problems, as did his brother.

His brother's daughter biopsy-diagnosed as celiac, June 2007.

My Prometheus Celiac Plus blood panel results (late November 2007) were **very** negative

---- except for one DQ8 gene.

Awaiting results of EnteroLab stool tests.

Meanwhile, have been gluten-free since 4 December 2007, and starting to feel better!

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Well, I do have two hungry hippos here at home: partner and daughter: both of whom love miso soup...so that would always work. It's just such a commitment, that large tub. (This from the woman who just bought a HUGE drum of coconut oil, knowing that once she spends 50 bucks on some foodstuff, she's libel to stop tolerating it.)

Okay. Next time I'm at the store, I'll spring for it.

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