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Have Any Of You Had Problems With Nature's Path Products? (lifestream, Envirokidz)

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We have cut out almost all processed foods, but do have a few that remain simply for the ease of feeding four kids and two of them being quite young. Our processed foods consist of Lifestream Mesa Sunrise gluten free waffles, Envirokidz gluten free cereals (Panda Puffs, Gorilla Munch, and Koala Krisps), and Envirokidz gluten free peanut butter Crisp Rice Bars. Other processed foods are on occasion, but these the kids eat rather regularly (waffles once per day and cereal or a rice bar as a snack at some point during the day - not all of them everyday.) All other processed foods are on a more "occasional" basis.

We had a glutening on Saturday, November 10th. We assume it was the Kettle chips that read clean. We no longer eat them. All four kids either ate them or handled them while eating. The dd who only handled them is pretty much better now. The dd who ate them is taking longer to recover, but is doing better. The youngest ds is doing better in some respects, but his sensory issues are still flared up. My 4 yo ds is only mildly better. Now he is the one who most seems to suffer from what seems to be the "peptide withdrawal" effect, so his emotions and behavior go totally crazy (along with skin, bowel, and other physical issues.)

So I am wondering if the boys are just still withdrawing from the glutening on the 10th or if they got glutened again! If they did, it would have to be from a cross contamination. As far as I know, we have taken care of everything else (cookware, toaster, cutting boards, can opener, shampoo, soap, etc.) So, it would have to be from "gluten free" products or products that read clean.

The boys (and one dd) are also casein free, so it wouldn't be dairy. We don't do "soy" per say, but we do allow it in things like a meal that contains gluten free tamari sauce. We don't do it as soy yogurt, soy milk, etc.

What have your experiences been? Have you ever been CCed by Lifestream or Envirokidz? They give a long explanation about their meticulous cleaning and testing processes, but that does mean they do not process in a dedicated plant and I also read that to mean they don't even have dedicated lines (if someone knows otherwise, please let me know.)

Or do you think the recovery from the 10th is taking this long?



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Well, I've never had any problems with the EnviroKidz cereals. I eat them at least a few times a week. I will say, I think I was glutened while out with some friends two weeks ago. The only thing I can think of, is that the bartender spilled a drop of beer into my drink. Anyways, I was sick for almost the full two weeks! I am just starting to feel better. So, it could be that they are still healing up from the 10th for sure, especially if they are sensitive and had a decent amount of gluten enter their systems. I hope they feel better soon!


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