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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?


I Mentioned This In Another Topic, But Please Help...

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i know i got a couple opinions, but i feel so screwed up that i just need to hear possibilities

i've been real sick for 11 months, lots of symptoms, almost pos. have celiac all that...but it's not that i'm asking about

i had a catscan on monday and being almost a week later, i just feel terrible

things i feel that i haven't felt before this: extreme chills, heat blowing on me feelings...crying without being sad AT ALL nor having any emotions to make me cry other than feeling up and down all day, just really off, shaky, breathing and dizziness feels worst than it was before (since those have been symptoms this whole time)

this is just pretty damn scary, i haven't felt like this in this whole time...and i've been having gluten this whole time so i fail to see how it'd be like a poison to me if it's already in my system...maybe somebody can explain or have a past experience...i'd die just to feel like how i felt before monday cause there's just no control and some weird mental things going on now, on top of an already weakened body

i went to the ER today but obviously they can't really do anything, and my doctor is an idiot, so what do you suggest or think? what could it have to do with? my body is just so out of wack and i feel emotionally strange and it's been a while, so any opinion would be nice

another thing is i've been having a lot of cramps and weird bowel movements, sometimes it even looks like fish food, waste from nose (don't know the pro. term for snot haha), stringy looking....just not even bowel movements, odd excrements, but i've been having some weird feelings in that area since too...kind of a shooting pain feeling, but not really, more of a feeling like your rectum is bleeding but isn't...hard to explain a mix of the feeling like you have to go, with a little sharp burn i guess

i'm just curious because i had a barium swallow and was fine and not this sensitive since that, but i haven't seen any barium in my bowels since which i find really weird....i still have that flush feeling the dye gave me too which is strange

i know it's hard for any of you to say without knowing other sicknesses, but for THAT day to be the day that's just hell, what could have made me react like that? i mean maybe the dye threw my thyoid off if i'm having an issue with that, but how long does that take to wear off? are those symptoms normal? what should i do? i really just have no idea what to do at all right now :( , it's been a struggle finding out my sicknesses so anything i COULD have that could throw that off would help...large range of symptoms i've had from the get-go, so imagine how this is on top of that

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Have you gone gluten free? If not, any trauma to the body can make your symptoms start or escalate. You may also want to consider small bowel bacteria, candia overgrowth and parasites. I would try the gluten free diet and see. Have you been tested or tried to eliminate it before? Get a complete thyroid panel done as well. Check the other threads on thyroid recently to see more details on this from me and others.

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I think you may be having a reaction to the intravenous contrast material. It's usually Iodine based. Read this:

"Are there risks in obtaining a CT scan?

A CT scan is a very low-risk procedure. The most common problem is an adverse reaction to intravenous contrast material. Intravenous contrast is usually an iodine-based liquid given in the vein, which makes many organs and structures, such as the kidneys and blood vessels much more visible on the CT scan. There may be resulting itching, a rash, hives, or a feeling of warmth throughout the body. These are usually self-limiting reactions and go away rather quickly. If needed, antihistamines can be given to help relieve the symptoms. A more serious reaction to intravenous contrast is called an anaphylactic reaction. When this occurs, the patient may experience severe hives and/or extreme difficulty in breathing. This reaction is quite rare, but is potentially life-threatening if not treated. Medications which may include corticosteroids, antihistamines, and epinephrine reverse this adverse reaction.

Toxicity to the kidneys which can result in kidney failure is an extremely rare complication of the intravenous contrast used in CT scans. Diabetics, dehydrated individuals, or patients who already have impaired kidney function are most prone to this reaction. Newer intravenous contrast agents have been developed, such as Isovue, which have nearly eliminated this complication."

The above quote is from medicinenet.com.

It doesn't specifically list all your symptoms, but it's a possibility.

Also, I think your body is having a hard time passing the barium. How long ago was the swallow? Did the docs tell you to make sure to drink TONS of water after the barium swallow? This is necessary to flush the barium from your system.

If the barium sticks around too long, it can congeal and be difficult to pass. In that case, you may need a laxative to help it get going. You really should have seen some sign of the barium in the couple days after the procedure. Kind of whitish or chalky.

I think if it were me, I'd try drinking as much water as possible, and take a dose of Benedryl every 4 hours for 48 hours. If it's no better, I'd go to the doctor and TELL them you're having a reaction to the contrast material. If it is a reaction, you may need a stronger antihistamine and a steroid like Prednisone or something.

I really hope, whatever it is, you start feeling better soon!!!

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hey hey...i just find it weird, it's been over a week

i really feel terrible, but you know what's odd? i can be really tired, sleep 4 hours then wake up feeling wide awake, which i HATE yet can't control...i never had that prior to that day, i always slept a lot...my body is just flipping out, sometimes it feels in overdrive and really hungry, sometimes i just feel dead all around...sometimes a mix...sometimes real dizzy, and those flush/ice feelings on top of weird emotional/nerve things....i never had ANY of those prior to that day, so something got thrown off i guess, plus crying out of nowhere just surprises me, i never cry even if i was sad, which i'm not, just very off...get back to me on that you two, i've been struggling :( ...i've been real sick for 10 months yet never been bedridden once, now i am and it's just bad...regret getting that that day because i react to things oddly all the time....doctors are idiots and said it was possible to react like that to nexium back then and i did, so i hope you guys have an idea based on that

as far as the barium, i've had many bowel movements but i NEVER saw any barium come out...and it's been over a week! so weird, when i had the swallow it all came out immediately, this time was very different...could it have absorbed in my system or something weird...? i feel quite cramped and nauseous too

i feel like somethings just got thrown REALLY off yet have no idea what to say, my body's just going through hell...i can't go gluten-free right now, because as twisted as this sounds, it's the only thing that stops my body being sped up and starving when it swings to that...i doubt this has to do with celiac though because for these past 10 months i always slept a ton and had no appetite and no more...not weird distress like this...i plan to start right away when this feels better because i'm just too a mess right now...sorry if i sound like i'm going crazy, i just always get stuck with these strange things and it's hard to explain...i guess it's what happens when your system is horrible, crazy things happen easily

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As some-one else suggested as part of trying to figure it out get thyroid testing done.

You need TSH, Freee T3 and Free T4 as well as an antibodies panel including all antibodies testing for both Hashimoto's and Graves Diseases

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    I am celiac and eat gluten-free, DF, SF and sunflower free because I'm highly reactive to all 4. I discovered about a year and a half ago that I would have severe and immediate GI reactions, similar to as if I ate dairy, to anything with sunflower/safflower products in it, but I think that's when using the oil became more prevalent too. Strange because I loved sunflower seeds as a kid. I've also linked it to places I've eaten out where everything was fine and then discovered they started using s
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Potatoes are good for breakfast! Your concoction sounds pretty good. K, how about this? Peel & dice potatoes, fry them in just enough olive oil to keep them from sticking in a skillet until they begin getting crispy. Toss in diced sweet peppers or maybe chili peppers, onions to soften. I know you're not doing egg yolks b/c of iodine but you can do the whites. Pour egg white on top until the white is done. If you have a steak or some leftover steak, you can heat that on the side. YUM!
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