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I have seen a few posts saying that Vanillin is gluten free and I have also seen a few saying it isn't. This is gonna sound stupid and I know you will probably say just don't eat em but I got these chocolate covered sunflower seeds for Christmas and I didn't eat them because I wasn't sure if I could. Well here is what I found on the website.

Q: Are Sunny Seed Drops gluten free?

A: No, they contain Vanillin, a wheat derived product, but Sunflower Food & Spice Company, Ltd is continually trying to develop and better our formulas to meet current health trends and demands.

Are they misinformed or can vanillin come from different sources? I would love to try them, I mean come on..... chocolate covered sunflower seeds! YUM!

Anyone know for sure?


I like how they want to better their formulas to meet "current health trends" :angry:

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