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Pur Water Filter - No Gluten

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I was searching the forums after buying the Pur water filter and thought I would post this for anyone else trying to verify the gluten status. I assumed that it woudl be "pur", but I am catching on that I can't assume anything :)

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for contacting us.

We appreciate your interest in our products. There is no gluten in any PUR filter.

Thanks for writing.


Pur Team

Celiac diagnosis 12/19/2007 by PCP (positive bloodwork, prior slightly scalloped small colon, but biopsy non-specific)

Started gluten free diet 12/19/2007 but was requested to do a gluten challenge on 2/21/08 for GI Dr diagnosis and re-run of bloodwork and another endoscopy

Endoscopy 3/26/08 after 5 weeks of gluten challenge, biopsy revealed subtotal villous atrophy, positive diagnosis, gluten free for good as of 3/26/08

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