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What Blood Tests Should Our Doc Order?

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Our 2.5 yr old daughter had an elevated TTG, but biopsy was not definitive for celiac. She has a complicated case due to arthritis and immune suppressive medications that could skew the biopsy (actually both ways, the medication could have caused villi shortening classic with celiac, but it could have decreased the lymphocyte respponse normally seen with celiac positive biopsies).

Anyway, the GI doc would like to order genetic markers...he said HLA D2 and HLA D8. He said he'd also like to repeat the celiac panel. Can you please list any labs that you would recommend she have sent? I want to mention them to the doc so my daughter only has to be stuck once.

Thank you.


DD5: juveline rheumatoid arthritis 8/07; celiac 3/08

DS3: negative blood tests

Me and DH: negative blood tests

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