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2nd Post Cps (canadian Pharmaceutical Services) - Celiac Disease Symptomology Information & Gluten-containing Pharmaceuticals List

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Greetings All :D

So okay I am finally back to the PC again so shall provide the further "info / list" I promised...

The 1st of my 2 posts is located here ( http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?showtopic=45144 )

As in the prior related post; the information and the list below is copyright by the publisher and is transcribed verbatim as it appears upon the photocopied page, it is shared here without gain and it should NOT be used in any way to "obtain profit". First I shall provide the CPS Celiac Symptomology Information included on the "list tables" page, and there after the Table 2 list of Gluten-containing Pharmaceuticals. As a bounus, I will also include the "Suggested Readings" notes which are provided.

CPS Gluten / Celiac Disease Symptomology

Gluten, a mixture of two protiens (gliadin and glutenin), is present in wheat and to a lesser extent in barley and rye. Gluten is not present in rice or corn.

Celiac disease is an intolerance to the gliadin fraction of ingested gluten, resulting in immunologically mediated infammatory damage to the lining of the small intestine in genetically predispoded individuals. The inflammation may lead to malabsorption by reducing the amount of surface area available for absorbtion of nutrients, fluids and electrolytes. Depending on the extent and severity of the mucosal inflammation, patients may be asymptomatic or exhibit a wide range of gastrointestinal (e.g. diarrhea, vomiting) and nongastrointestinal (e.g. dermatitis herpetiformis, iron-deficient anemia, reduced bone density) symptoms. The treatment for celiac disease is a strict, lifetime avoidance of gluten ingestion. Even a small amount of gluten, as in a gluten-containing medication administered orally or rectally, can be problematic for the individual with celiac disease.

In the Supplied section of the CPS product monographs, the statement "contains gluten" refers to the gluten derived from wheat, barley, oats, and rye for only the nonmedicinal ingredients. This does not refer to gluten if it is inherent in the active ingredient.

CPS Table 2: Gluten-containing Pharmaceuticals

Table 2 lists selected products that contain gluten and is based on information provided by the manufacturers for products included in CPS. In some cases raw materials used in the manufacturing process obtained from sources other than the pharmaceutical industry may contain traces of gluten of which the manufacturer is unaware. Do not assume that products not listed are gluten-free. This list is not exhaustive and should serve as an initial screening tool. For information on specific drug products, consult the Supplied section of individual CPS product monographs or contact the manufacturer directly.


Product Name ----------------- Manufacturer

Capex shampoo ------------------- -Gaderma

Novo-Fibre-tab tablets ------------ -Novopharm

Salofalk 500mg tablets ----------- -Axcan Pharma

Trasicor 40mg tablets -------- -Novartis Pharmaceuticals

-------------------------------------------END TABLE LIST TWO -------------------------------------------


1. Hill ID, Dirks NH, Liptak GS et al. Guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease in children: recommendations of the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2005;40(1):1-19

2. van Heel DA, West J. Recent advances in coeliac disease. Gut 2006;55(7):1037-46

-----------------------------------------END READINGS SECTION -----------------------------------------

Hope the info shall prove a blessing to any and all who may come across this post in future ^_^

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