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Good News To Share On "stiefel" (canada) Products

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Hey again folks!

So now happily I can share a more positive manufacturer response to my "Gluten-free enquiry" on a product I wanted to use, "Prevex" which is a highly effective moisturizer for dry chapped skin. Once again then, the email reply is copied below for ya all. :D

STIEFEL (Canada) Gluten-free enquiry response below:

Dear Ms Deba,

We thank you for contacting us on this subject.

We can assure you that none of our dermatological products contain gluten.

We trust that this information will be satisfactory and for the confidence shown toward our product Prevex.

Yours truly,


Jacques D Bourgeau

Directeur - Affaires scientifiques

Director of Scientific Affairs

Stiefel Canada Inc.

( Tel : 1-888-332-6005 ext. 3600

( Fax: 1-800-561-1898

* jbourgeau@stiefel.ca

8 http://www.stiefel.ca

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