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Almost Free Gluten Free Dining Cards

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OK, I just had an idea whilst answering another post.

We can do something huge to help outselves and it can be done for almost nothing if we club together.

For my photography I get postcards printed. For bulk its remarkably cheap....

These are basic size postcard size prices....

100 $24.99

250 $49.99

500 $79.99

1000 $99.99

1500 $129.99

2000 $159.99

2500 $179.99

10000 $499.99

20000 $799.00

If a country could reach 10,000 total this is 0.5c per postcard!

I'm sure its possible to get them printed even cheaper elsewhere, these are prices from Vistaprint.com. There is a vistaprint for most countries... (I use the UK and France ones)

With a bit of thought and planning these could easily be made multi purpose.

They could be used as straight dining cards .... give to the serving staff.

They can be used as send ahead cards .... send them to the resto/hotel before you arrive addressed to the manager/chef...

They can be given to friends to give to resto's or hotels they go to...

The beauty of the last two is that sending one is probably ineffective long term.... if its adressed to say a chef and you say you will be eating on a certain date they will probably bin it afterwards ... BUT ... after they have received more than one it will really start to stick... and at some point a smart chef will stick one up in the kitchen for reference!

A smart hotel or resto manager will also realise that we represent a LOT of custom....

10,000 isn't that much... its 100 people getting 100 cards each... for $5 (plus repostage by whomever receives them so lets estimate about $10 each for 100 postcards)

At 10c a piece we can leave them about, give 5 to a friend who eats out a lot and send them ahead to a resto... then turn up and give them another if they lost it!

OK so this shouldn't be hard for the US to get 100 of you but even UK we should be able to get 10-20 and 10-20 in Austraila etc.??

What do you guys think?

Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt. (JC, De Bello Gallico Liber III/XVIII)

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