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Falling Into Temptation.

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that was my biggest problem - my house was a gluten-zone and my parents were so used to me being "the hypochondriac" that they couldn't adjust to the fact that i was RIGHT and should be taken seriously. i just bared with it until i moved out, sense i was already an older teen once diagnosed.

printing up medical websites explanation of how severe CC risk is can help. parents tend to believe doctors, even if they wont believe their own offspring.

I to was was the "the hypochondriac" my dad would sometimes ask, while rolling his eyes, what was wrong with me today. He still does this today.

My mom surprised me. She was tired to of my illness of the week. She has seen the change in me and this week actually did a football block on a wrap someone was handing to me. Then she clearly explained to the person that I could not eat wheat, or gluten. I am in my 40's but getting support where you can is so touching. I was totally in shock that she got it and could move so fast.

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