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Seems Like A Dumb Question....but Because..........

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seems like a dumb question.....but because another post talked about washing fruit....I have to ask.

Can eating unwashed fruit {pears , apples. ) cause GI issues similar to gluten reactions??

thanks as always for your help!

God Bless, kb

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SHORT ANSWER: I do not know.

Longer explaination:

Most fruit has some pesticides on it - organic or otherwise, fruits that you eat the peel should definitely be washed before consuming.

Some fruits also have a thin (edible) wax sprayed on them to help them from rotting as quickly - this comes off with most soap and water.


Some people have reactions to fruits. You can allergic to fruits or their pollen. Other people just have a tough time digesting raw fruits, but cooked are ok.

What type of reactions are you have to fruits? Are you eating anything else with them?

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