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Stressing Tonight

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So, I'm stressing out about eight million things tonight and need to let it all out. I'm leaving for vacation saturday, I have a reunion Friday night, I have to pack, I have to do laundry, I'm not done with everything for work, I don't have a minute to spare tomorrow at work or at home. gluten-free diet made me gain weight and I have nothing to wear to reunion or on vacation, went shopping and found 2 items, but the store smell made me sickly tonight. I should weed the weeds that will go to seed out of the garden. The cat needs a walk. My husband ate my picnic food accidentally. I have to coordinate meals with my SIL tonight who went from no red meat to vegan in the past year. She left me a message suggesting lots of pasta and burittos.

OK, now to cheer myself up:

SIL eats super fresh food, so there will be plenty for me to eat.

I'm allergic to milk and eggs, so I won't miss those.

I can take a cooler full of food since we are driving

She is OK with the family eating meat

She loves wine.

I found cute shorts. No top, so I might have to go topless to the reunion. Chuckle chuckle

I have an old bathing suit that might fit. (for vacation)

Hubby is bringing me bits of dinner as he finds stuff in the pantry that is edible

Ahh! I must make a side dish. I don't care if I can eat it, I just have to bring a dish to pass.

I can bring fruit. OK, A big big plate of strawberries would be a hit.

There is a volunteer at work tomorrow. Maybe I can get her to hide my clutter for me.

OK, I might panic later, but I feel better talking it through.

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Some of those things will probably not end the world as we know it if they go undone.


Remind yourself of the things that *can* be left undone without the house falling down around you, and let those things slide. It will be ok!

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You walk your cat? :blink:

Re: cat walking

My ex and I used to take walks with 2 of our cats. Uncle Benjy and Josephindy. They would run ahead a little and lay down and stare at us until we caught up. Or trail behind and then charge ahead and lay down like the hare in the Tortise and Hare story. Very silly critters.

SGWhiskers (good name for cat)

Hmmm, there was a point to this thread though I think. I yeah. Maybe it will work out in the end. You could just take and pick out the 2 or 3 most important things and do them in order. Some things don't need to be done until later maybe? Shoot, the topless thing sounds good to me, should make a splash at the reunion. :lol:

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You walk your cat? :blink:

Dragging the thread off topic I know several people who walk their cat and on a lead :lol:

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