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Please Advise On Test Results! Confused.

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Based on these 3 tests, GI said I most likely do not have celiac disease, but will do endoscopy while in for colonoscopy. Main symptom is fatigue, mood swings. I am so confused! Thank you for any help.

tTG Ab, IgA below 3 (reference range below 5)

IgA 478 (RR 81-463)

Gliadin Ab IgA 8 (RR below 11)

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I would read that as a negative as well, assuming the middle one is total serum IgA. The other two are the celiac antibody levels, and are below the reference level (negative). The total IgA is slightly elevated, which means the immune system is functioning at slightly above normal levels.

A low total IgA (under 81) would mean the other two values could be a false negative. In simple words, if you are not producing antibodies at all, then of course the test for any specific antibody will be negative.

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