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Help -more Serology Test Results

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Visit to pediatrician two weeks ago (for 11 year old son) with the following Serology results:

IgA - 62 (64-246 range)

IgG - 61 (below 11 normal)

ttG - <3 (below 3 normal)

pediatrician sent him to a pediatric GI specialist he reviewed the above results and said that it was probably a false positive because of the ttg score. He wanted to run the IgA to see if he was deficient. That result:

IgA - 65 (68-378 range). Now, he is out of the office until next Friday.

It appears that he is IgA deficient, but because it is close is it low enough to be deficient? Any ideas of what test will happen next? How likely is it that he has celiac?


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As you have most likely seen from the link Momma Goose gave you with the IGA deficiency the most important level is the IgG. The deficiency would cause a false negative with the other tests. It was a good thing your doctor ran the full panel. It is unlikely IMHO that the IgG was a fasle postive and more likely that the others were a false negative. No matter what biopsy results are, if you are choosing to do one, a trial of the gluten-free diet would be a really good idea after all testing is complete.

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