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I saw your post from March and am new to the diet and would love it it I could get the recipe for the pancakes you made with the ground almonds, blueberries, yogurt and eggs. I would like to try them on myself and my daughter who is also on the diet.


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Hiya. Sorry I didn't reply before, I tend to stay on the SCD thread these days - if you want any more info it would be easier to put it on the main thread, but here is a link to the pancake recipe - I have added it to the dedicated SCD recipe thread (As no one has posted on it for a while I had quite a job finding it!).

It's a shame we don't have a separate section for the SCD these days as so many who are Celiac/Gluten intolerant seem to be following it, as we could then have the recipe thread in the same place.......but that's life.


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