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Fructose Malabsorption

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Just would like to hear from anyone who sufferers from Fructose Malabsorption.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease 5 months ago, had many other allergies, I thought things were settling down although this last month I got major constipation I had to take laxatives for two days before it got things moving. I still feel tired, I am still getting bloated and constipated.

I have realised I am going to the toilet for a BM most days or every second, although I am not emptying completely, which after time it blocks up, an enema doesn't work as the constipation is higher in the intestine not in the bowel.

Never had an issue with dairy that I am aware of. I have tried a food diary with nothing that really seemed to show much of a pattern. I know potatoes are a huge no no so I try avoid most nightshades anyway.

I have not noticed these symptoms specifically after a pear or apple or anything.

I am taking a lot of gut repair vitamins prebiotics etc.


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That's a pretty specific time frame you noticed. What changed during that time? Did you start any new meds or supplements? Have your normal ones changed formulas?

You said you are mostly avoiding nightshades. What are you not avoiding? Are you also avoiding paprika and peppers in seasonings?

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The things that changed over the last month, that I can think of.

1. My increased cravings for sugar, I have been quite bad.

2. I stopped taking DTM liquid, which is a supplement from my naturopath, I called her and she has given it to me again, i don't have an appointment to see her for another week although the bottle says may be dangerous when used for prolonged periods. So I don't think she will keep me on it for long although it has me wondering what it is and what it does. Looking forward to seeing her again next week.

3. Nightshades, I have given in once or twice to a chip or a blob of tomato sauce, not often although I have had the occasional one.

So I guess it could be any of the above or a combination, the problem is it seems to not happen overnight but over a long period, I just started to notice my BM just seem to get a little smaller like I am not completely emptying, then it just seems to get worse although I am going most days, Its really hard to know just when it started its just been in the last month that I have felt a little more constipated then I had a really bad bloating, took laxatives two days in a row and finally on the 3rd day had a large loose BM and felt less bloated.

I am starting again to write down everything I eat. I have always suffered constipation never the other way.

Thanks for the reply :)

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