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Bach Flower Remedies

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Gotta read those labels! I was at the health food store today, owned by a woman with celiac. She was giving out samples of these. I picked up the container and asked her what they were for (because daughter has a cold and I thought maybe they were for the throat) but then noticed the statement that said, "May contain traces of gluten". I told her "Never mind" and put them down.

Just then, the co-owner, a real smart alec type muttered, "They're for gluten intolerance!" Hehehe. Turns out they're a stress reliever so not something we needed anyway. But the woman with celiac didn't seem to know that they might contain gluten. Of course the store is not totally gluten-free but they do have a HUGE amount of gluten-free products.

Just reminds me to read every label, every time.

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eeks--I was thinking about buying these awhile ago--so glad I didn't.

Thanks for posting this info.

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