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  1. I did reread your reply and I came back with the same impression--I was not able to eat with Outback managers and it has been more than 2 experiences in 2 years. I actually googled and came up with some Outback experiences that I had had that I I'd forgotten about. I was not bashing as you say Outbacks, I was providing a pithy response for people that was copied from a magazine. Sorry that you could not use that reply in your efforts to uphold a company that I have had BAD experiences with. I won't be checking this thread again so don't bother with a response.
  2. I, too, have had the pleasure of eating at the Savannah one and it is NOT my local Outback. So glad that you have had positive experiences, but I have not--and I complained on the corporate site with the local manager responding (St. Clairsville, Ohio store if you all want to know which restaurant). Obviously, you are somehow in the Outback circle with the experience you just described--most of us do not have that pleasure and have to rely on ourselves or sheer luck to have positive experiences at Outback restaurants.
  3. if you ever come to Northern part of West Virginia, I'll cook something for you. And i saw at my local Big Lot's store Nutrisystem meals that are gluten free. Maybe you could bring some with you.
  4. Just ate again yesterday at PF Changs in Pittsburgh (Homestead) without a problem. However, it took me months to go back again after an incident last December--I think the waitress deliberately put hair in my and my daughter's meals. Don't even say come on....it was busy...she got nasty when I told her that all but one of needed gluten-free menus, then condescendingly informed me that vinegar was glutened--I told her that it was fine for me and that only malt vinegar was not safe. The food was cold. Took me a lonnnnnng time to return and even then went to another one in Pitts. Could've, should've complained, but dear hubby didn't want to complain on his b-day meal. Servers should have the maturity to realize that when a customer tells them about a food allergy, it's not to annoy them. We are trying our best not to have to spend the weekend in the bathroom, the emergency room, or the morgue.
  5. I tried it last year, we had it delivered for a few months. Then the flavors really became very I don't know vitaminy tasting. Yuck.... We did like the chews in the car for hiking, but that's when my teenage daughter didn't/wouldn't eat nuts. Now that she does, finding energy bars or things for her/us.
  6. We went to a festival yesterday, only 2 vendors. So we got in line to get the potatoes and asked for a steak hoagie without the bun just put in the little styrofoam. Both women repeated they couldn't do that. I kept saying I have "an allergy to wheat". No dice. I mean how tough would it have been to put the same amount of meat into a container that they would have put onto bread. I'm actually saving them money by not getting the bread. If I hadn't been so hungry, I would've walked away...but we had already walked over 2 miles and there wasn't anything else.... Aargh..... I don't get places/people either.
  7. After being glutened for the 2nd time in a little over 2 years at the Outback, I sent them an email detailing why I was peeved. It took the manager over 2 wks to respond to me and he basically took no blame just that the Outback gets compliments all the time regarding their gluten free menu and how the waitress had just returned to work after being off for a while getting her teaching degree. I promptly sent him back this reply which I copied from the March 2010 Readers Digest and I think I'm going to keep it in my stock pile of what to send from now on to restaurants when I get glutened--not often, but I think this response nails it. Servers should have the maturity to realize that when a customer tells them about a food allergy, it's not to annoy them. We are trying our best not to have to spend the weekend in the bathroom, the emergency room, or the morgue.
  8. Initially, that's what the #1 complaint that we kept going to the doctors for my DS now 15. He ended up with vomiting, ADHD, diarrhea, acne.... He's been gluten-free for almost 2 yrs and no night sweats, stomach issues gone, ADHD gone--we're just dealing with normal teenage issues. Amen! Oh and at first we had to eliminate sulphites and milk products--his body can handle them now, though.
  9. I must have been tired when I typed that--I must've meant throw her into the mix....?? Being an ex-librarian, I'm into research and they say to eat fermented foods--yogurt, kraut, etc to keep appendicitis at bay, but she was the yogurt queen--not the sugary stuff--the good greek kind and she took a probiotic pill, too. I'm thinking maybe they should do a study about people with gluten problems and appendicitis. Even my sis who knows nothing about celiac commented that maybe it had to do with that... I've been making kefir with grains that my daughter didn't want to drink, but I'm adding mangoes, strawberries and fresh pineapple with just a small amount of agave and she's been lapping it up like a kitten.
  10. I see this is an old, old thread, but thrown my daughter just turned 17 into the just had her appendix out. I, too, was wondering if there was an connection.
  11. I've tried a different brand, the name escapes me, but with sauce on them, they were okay. But maybe it was all in my head, I was hungry about an hour after eating them. They don't have much of a taste at all--so in way, that's good.
  12. Ditto to hoping your daughter feels better. My entire family of 4 needs to be gluten-free and we've been on the diet for almost 2 yrs. The 1st couple of months, it seemed my grocery bills were enormous. But now that I know what to look and how to cook, our food bills are about the same. We are eating healthier and when you factor in that we don't eat out as often or order in Pizza, they probably have gone down. Good luck--life will get better.
  13. I just saw my old post and comments. It's kind of funny in the past two weeks--this is August now--six months after my sister telling my DD that she didn't have problems--my dear sister has called me 2x. the first to tell me about the gluten free bisquick at Kroger and that they had King Arthur gluten free flour, too. And 2 days ago, to tell me that Sam's club has this gluten free chip called Rissotto that was good. What's gotten into her?
  14. For months, I couldn't tolerate xantham gum and even 2 yrs later, still have problems with too much corn. (every once in a while Fritos corn chips call my name and I just have to eat a bunch, you know?)
  15. just returned last week and for the most part--wonderful!! You can read my experience on the disboards http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2533441
  16. After being gluten free for almost 2 yrs, my son 14 almost 15 decided he wanted to eat gluten again. I let him--he didn't vomit, no mad rush to bath room. BUT...he's back to the arguing, repeating things over and over and over, obsessing over wants. Iphone4, Iphone4, Iphone4....and no, it's not just teenage begging and then sleeping incessantly. I thought, well, I, too could try it. Stopped at a local Chinese Restaurant, even took some TriEnza (I'm thinking I have the word sucker on my forehead for paying so much for them. ) Before supper was finished, I probably had snakes coming out of head. I was yelling at my son and daughter and I literally could only see red. It took about an 2 hours to calm down. I just couldn't stop witching at everyone. So no--you are not crazy. And we are back to being gluten free. Even dear son realized what an idiot he becomes on gluten. We read the same research about the B12, so we got some sublingual B12 complex since it's supposed to be the closest thing to getting shots. We think it does help with many of our problems--maybe that's why none of us had the intestinal issues. They sell sublingual at my local Kroger, Walmart, Amazon, and UNFI.
  17. I was on www.disboards.com and asked our their adventures by Disney was as far as tours and specifically dietary and was very encouraged by the great responses here's a link to the discussion http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2505698
  18. Hi, I know there is a whole foods close to Disney, but I'm planning on specifically doing Disney in 3 weeks just because of what I've read and heard about their gluten free dining. Go to www.Disboards.com then the disabilities section and there are a couple of threads specifically about people's experiences with gluten free dining. I personally can't wait to try fried chicken at the 50's prime time cafe at the studios (used to be called MGM--I can't for the life of me remember what they call it now.)
  19. Highly 2nd Abuelo's--very yummy. Greg Norman's was safe (I was told the chef would come--he/she did not, then when I questioned several items, the waiter was clueless so I'm saying it was safe because we lucked out) Here's a link to a thread from last summer: hope it helps--it jogged my memory and made me want to be there right now!!!
  20. Wow! This is by far the most fantastic gluten free dining experience in two years. The restaurant sits at the top of a high apartment building in Mount Washington so the view is breathtaking of the city. The elevator whisks you from the parking level straight to the restaurant--me who is afraid of heights did have to grab the side of the car as the glass enclosed elevator rode to the top. The food, many dishes can be prepared gluten free, the owner's daughter is celiac so the restaurant is very aware of the issues. Warm Tapioca rolls were brought to the table, the best, hands down, best French Onion soup I've ever had, gluten or gluten free was savored. And I had for the first time in 2 years, a fantastic crab cake that was more crab than cake with a light sauce on top. A salad with a ginger vinaigrette. We chose a chocolate latte that had choc cake, syrup and cream on top and creme brulee. There was also a fruit infused sangria that we could've chosen. Fresh seafood is their specialty, but they do have beef and chicken dishes, too. Here's a link to their site: http://www.montereybayfishgrotto.com/pittsburgh/
  21. Still not there, BUT!!! Just got a phone call from the club level at the Yacht club and they directed me to their chef. Drum Roll please....The Chef said that when I checked in either he or a member of his staff would walk me through what is safe in the lounge and because the majority of the items are not safe, then we would go over what food items we would want and it would be delivered to our rooms without charge. WOW!! Including waffles in the morning, pick what we want for the other times...can you believe that? We would still need to go for drinks or if they did deliver they would charge us regular room service, but for gluten-free food--no charge. WOW! I love,love the rides at Universal, but now this--this is gets to my heart. Food.... Especially when it was Portofino at Uni last year that we think royally make me and DS viciously ill. My daughter met a friend at the beach last year that plans on becoming a chef and both she and I said to always remain friends just because of the food aspect. We love food and Disney is really making me want to vaca there every year!!
  22. there's a pretty good primer on this site on vitamins--wish I'd have paid attention about the B vitamins--just now started taking supplements and wow what a difference in all 4 of us. http://www.celiac.com/articles/1109/1/Celiac-Disease-Alternative-Medicine/Page1.html
  23. quick reminder though: Gluten Free is not Calorie Free Trust me my hips learned that lesson over the winter and now I'm paying to remove those extra pounds from the fudge, the glutino "oreos", the cookies made just from pb and brown sugar....
  24. i wish this were so, but this was a couple of years ago. Actually, we live in the upper Northern Panhandle, smashed between southeastern Ohio and Southwestern Pa--with Pittsburgh exactly 45 mins away. Usually, people in this area see themselves as somewhat separate from the rest of the state--we tend to think politically different, have more education, and have more access to healthcare because of our proximity to Columbus/Pitts. So, it's a little surprising the stonewall with her and unfortunately she is the coordinator for ALL of the food distributed in the county. And it's not as if she's old and ready for retirement--she's only in her early 40's. I think there are people just too ingrained to see what's in front of their noses. I haven't seen that show--just haven't had time to sit and watch tv lately. But, my nephew, just turned 24, is on the six-year plan at Marshall and he turned into one big, and I mean big, boy. After Christmas me and my kids just kept saying did you see how big he his? Nothing but pizza joints there. I know there is an Uno's, but probably the gluten-free pizza isn't a big seller.
  25. Saw a doctor friend in line one day and was going on and on about the miracle of gluten free and why, oh why, doesn't more doctors know about this. She said there is only a small chapter and barely touched on in college and that I know more than she does (she went to med school about 20 yrs ago). They really need to rewrite the books.
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