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Hello, I'm looking for some help as my daughter has been diagnosed with celiac. She is 3 yrs old. We've been gluten free sense July and things have much better however it seems as though were having trouble with her tolerating most of the food. For example I gave her gluten free grits (corn) this am and she loves them and everything was great and then she had bad belly and lots of ecplosive poopy, same thing with brown rice based noodle last week. I guess my ? is has anyone else had these issues and if yes is it the food? or is she having to much at one time? everything seems to have high fiber in it. HELP :

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Hi. What a lot on here have found is that Gluten-free alone does not always solve all their problems, and for some it actually makes things worse, or at the very least, no better.

It seems as though she may be having problems with carbohydrates in general, and that does seem to be pretty common.

I wonder if you might find it helpful to get her on to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) or the GAPS diet which is similar. They cut out all the starchy carbs and grains and help the gut to heal properly.

I suspect that for many of us an overgrowth of things like Candida may be behind the issues, especially if ones have been given antibiotics at some point in the past. Whilst they kill some bugs, they actually allow others to proliferate because they kill the good bacteria as well as the bad but don't touch the yeasts like Candida, which then has nothing to stop it taking over. Our 'Western' diet is very Carb-oriented and that encourages them too.

A diet that removes grains, starches, sugar and some dairy, like these diets, takes away a lot of their food source (they love Carbs) and along with good probiotics and/or plain probiotic yogurt can help get the beasties under control. There is plenty of choice left - but it is confined to good wholesome unprocessed foods.

It sounds daunting, but a good website to look at is 'Pecanbread', and that is designed specifically for children and contains loads of good information and recipes, etc. The links for that and the GAPS diet are at the bottom of this post.

I hope that your little one can get some benefit eventually. I know how frustrating it is when you can't figure out what is going on.




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I am still recovering. I am guessing that there has been significant damage to my intestines. I have found that I cannot tolerate any grains, including corn. I also has to give up most dairy and nut butters. These foods rely on the cilia in the intestines to be processed, and I guess mine are not healed yet. I also cannot tolerate processed foods.

Lean protein, fruits and vegetables are pretty safe. Boring, but safe. If you haven't started your little one on enzymes and probiotics yet, I would recommend you start. I can now tolerate limited dairy. I think and hope it will continue to improve. Definitely stay away from the gluten free products for a while. They are VERY processed and hard to digest.

Good luck to you and your little one! My youngest (9) is being tested this month, as I suspect he has Celic as well. You will find almost any problem addressed in this site. It is a great resource!

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