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elle's mom

My Heart Is Breaking

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Just wanted to add my two cents....as I know how hard it can be for a mom who is sending her lo off to school for the very first time....and when our lo has celiac it can make it even harder. I also can bring the other side as I was a teacher before I had children.

I have been dealing with celiac with my middle son for over three years now. He is now 6 and is in the 1st grade. I will tell you from my experience, do not be afraid to just take control of the whole situation yourself. This is your daughter. Try to remember how clueless you were when you were first learning about celiac disease. The teacher may not have ever even heard of celiac before or if she has she doesn't understand the true depth of what it entails....not many people do.

It is absolutely ok and in your right as a parent to write a note to the teacher and to all the other parents explaining your daughters "allergy" and asking them if they wouldn't mind sending in a snack from the list when it is their snack turn. 99.9% of parents that I have been around have been more than helpful. People really want to help.....

Good luck!!! Hang in there!

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My 3 year old started preschool 4 days a week and due to her celiac's she has an OT and and counselor. I think I am lucky that the teacher is great. For thanksgiving she sent me home a list and I made Genna all the same things and brought in a special desert. She now gave me a list of all the craft things they would be doing in december so I can send in gluten-free ingredients for those days. She is working really hard with me to make her feel a part of the group. BUT she is leaving any day now to have a baby and I am worried about what the new teacher will be like. I will fight for her though.

OK - you should be mad and I would sit down with the director of the preschool. My daughter's teacher and staff check her list every time they have any kind of food or craft thing. Also I did wirte up a letter to all the parents and it got sent home during the 1st week of school about BD parties, etc. I have had several calls from parents trying to accommodate me.

Good luck..

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