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The Dh Rash

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On 11/7/2009 at 9:28 PM, Glamour said:

I find keep it simple is best. I have purchased everything under the sun. Too many ingredients and I am bound to react to something. I think this disease makes you SUPER DUPER reactive to any kind of chemical.



I like about 1/4 cup of baking soda in a warm bath when it gets crazy. I bought a bath ball to dechlorinate and a shower filter, because of the weird reaction to warm/hot water that never bothered me before.



Sometimes I do a little cider vinegar in the bath water. Or sea salt. Also tea tree.



I am afraid of this getting infected, MRSA . I already think I have a few fungal infections that go along with this.


I use a little coconut oil in the bath, after I soak and absorb water. Lotions tend to burn or make me react. The best one is baby Shikai with Borage, but it has alcohol in it and maybe too much stuff. Lotions also make me sweat and that makes the itch crazy.


Cut back or out on dairy, caffeine (seems to bring on itch reaction)



I triple rinse all of my laundry and sheets.

Thank you for sharing. I decided to stop dairy products today. I've been gluten and wheat free for 2 months. And the big rash came back 10 days ago. I've also been eating  eggs every morning and Kerfir - whole milk, it has lots of probiotics which have helped me in the past. 

Thank you! You all are a blessing! 

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