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Gluten Free In Rome And Florence

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The other Italy posts are too old for me so I am starting a new thread.

Greetings! About 8 of us are traveling to Rome and Florence in October. This is the first time I will travel to Italy since becoming gluten-free. My mom travels extensively but hasn't visited the two cities since becoming gluten-free either. I have read several websites, blogs, and this site so that I can begin to compile a list (and map) of gluten-free restaurants. I know Italy is pretty celiac friendly and I have my cards on how to ask/pronounce for meals without gluten. The issue I am having is that I can only find two or three places that are highly recommended (or at least understand and will accomodate you). Mom has had Celiac for 20+ years and me for a few so we know what we can and can't eat. We intend on bringing food, going to the local markets, and will visit a pharmacy but if someone can suggest places to eat in Rome and Florence (and the address or area if you know it) I would appreciate it!

We are not fussy, we like reasonable meals with quaint staff, no stuffy places please! Thank you all so much. Jean

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