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Hello everyone, I have been diagnosed with gluten-intolerance/Celiac twice....once by a doctor and once by myself. Since I am "starting over" with the gluten-free diet, I thought I would share some things that helped me the first (and now the second) time starting the gluten-free diet.

1. You will find your best tools to be other people with Celiac who are well-read. In addition, well written and up-to-date books, cookbooks, and webpages are very important.

2. If I can give you one tip it is this, write down what you learn. Buy a three-ring binder, separate it into sections with dividers, and fill it up. I am just getting back on the gluten-free diet, and I just found my old notebook. It is wonderful! Mine is divided into the following sections: gluten-free/safe ingredients, questionable ingredients, ingredients that contain gluten, cooking and baking tips, favorite recipes, favorite gluten-free companies (and items), mainstream companies that always list gluten, and gluten-free medications.

Here are a few links:

Companies that clarify questionable lable ingredients

Safe/unsafe ingredients on gluten-free diet

Hope this helps someone! :)


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I also included printouts of research showing what gluten does to a celiac. That way, I was able to refresh my memory whenever I got depressed and went into denial about it.

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Very Good advice! I bet you are finding new info everyday. It is amazing how gluten-free things change so much. One thing I'll throw is : what is gluten-free today may not be gluten-free tommorrow. Become a label reader........companies will change ingredients to save a penney in the blink of an eye......

Hope you are feeling better...



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