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Hello From Seattle. [:

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You know, I really do love this forum. It's helped me a lotttt. I don't know ANYONE with Celiac disease, and for the most part everyone around me (except two of my friends, who don't understand as much as I do, but at least believe me when I say I'm sick and about withdrawals and whatnot) either doesn't understand what I have or they don't believe it. For example, my FAMILY doesn't even believe when I get glutened that I'm down and out for weeks, or the withdrawal symptoms I've been having recently. They think I'm faking it and bah... it's disheartening. They understand that I can't eat gluten, and they cook gluten free a lot, but I get sick from cross contamination too much. I can only eat stuff I cook, which makes me feel terrible when I turn down what they cook because I don't want to risk a CC.

I just wish I knew more people like me. Talking is always nice, and it's especially nice when you have someone to turn to about problems like this. So that's why this forum is so fantastic.

Anyone else in the Seattle area gluten free? Any good restaurants that you frequent?

What about the Marietta/Atlanta, GA area? I'm moving there relatively soonish.

Glad to meet you all. See you around the boards, I will be sticking around here for a while!

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Ivar's happy hour is fab. Choose things that look non-breaded. Get the fish tacos without the taco part (they use flour tortillas).

Vietnamese in the ID is generally safe. There isn't a lot of soy sauce or wheat in that cuisine.

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