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The Glutenator

Munich, No Schnitzel Or Beer Steins...paris, No Crepes And Pastries

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Beware the sausages: many will contain rusk as a filler always double check.

From what I've read on here and a few other places, many European countries are much further ahead with Celiac disease than the western world. Testing by 2 in Italy and Sweden is what I've heard, compared to having to basically hold the doc at knife point here for testing after everything else has been ruled out.

As for the hostels, bring your own camping pot and pan set. They are small but it's better than starving to death. You can get some that don't take up much space because they collapse inside of each other.

Self diagnosed as gluten free as all tests were negative and the doctor was completely useless.

Gluten Free since June 2010

Suspecting soy and milk as of June 2011

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