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New Pots And Pans?

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If I wash my pots and pans in the dishwasher, do I really need to buy new ones to designate as gluten free?

I wouldn't think that metal is that porous (although I did get rid of my teflon).

I bought a new cast iron wok/pan that will definitely be gluten free, but as for the stainless steel, do you think it's necessary? Especially since I will probably never use it for gluten foods, since it is only me and my husband and cooking 2 dinners is NOT going to happen.



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Endoscopy showed damage that looked like "classic celiac", biopsy showed total villous atrophy

Started gluten-free diet Aug 31, 2010

Only real symptoms are huge weight loss and neuropathy

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The traditional advice is to replace non-stick pans, wooden utensils, and strainers/colanders.

Today's non-stick products are vastly different from the first Teflon pans of fifty years ago. Those would scratch if you looked at them the wrong way. If you have something like a T-fal (Tefal in some markets) pan that is in good condition, I would wash it in the dishwasher and continue to use it.


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