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Help With Results Please! Kinda Long

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Hi all...

I went for a endoscopy in Oct due to trouble eating, once I ate something it felt like it was stuck in my throat. So I along with my GI went in thinking maybe GERD at most.Well once he was done he said he thought EE and gastritis he gave me meds and sent me on my way. Well soon after I had endo done I started having problems with constpitation, big D, and massive bloating feeling. In hinesight I should have maybe told him that I have had blood in my stools and they always float, I just thought it was because I dont eat healthy (I am 60 lbs overweight).

This is what his report right after the prodcedure (before any results)

The patient was kept NPO and prepared with intraventous fentanyl and Versed. The olympus scope was passed into her esophagus in the left lateral postion without any difficulty. She was found to have mild furrowing of the esophagus and some thickening of esophageal muscosa mostly in the upper esohagel area. Multiple esophageal biopies were taken to rule out eosinophilic esophagitis. She also had a small hitaus hernia and incompetent lower esophageal sphincter with free reflux. No evidence of Barrett's was seen. The stomach showed erosive antral gastritis. Biopsies were taken to rule out Helicobacter pylori and to rule out eosinophilic gastritis. Duodenal bulb showed acute duodenitis.

Then the biopsy report

Part 1: duodenal biopies: Duodenal mucosa with villious blunting and increased intraepitihelial lymphocytes

Note: Althought non specific, these findings may represent Celiac Diease. Clincal, endoscopic and serologic correlation advised.

Part 2: Gastric biopies: Mild to moderate chronic gastritis.

Note: No organisms suggestive of H. pylori seen on Alcian yellow stain.

Part 3: Esophageal biopies: Eosinophilic esophagtis.

Note: there are between 10-20 eosinophils per selected HPF. No intesinal metaplasia seen on H&E or Alcian blue stains.

So then when I went back for a month follow up he told me I only had EE and gastritis. That maybe I could have celiac but wait to the blood work comes back. If it comes back negative we will do a repeat endo in a couple of months. Well they did bloodwork which was negative and I did not go gluten free before the bloodwork but for the month before the blood I was so bloated that I didnt want to eat so I wasnt eating much.

Results of the bloodwork

Tissue transglutaminase antibody IGA: <3 (<5 negative, 5-8 equivocal, >8 postive

Immunoglobulin A: 133 (81-463)

Gliadin Antibody (IGA): 4 (<11 negative, 11-17 equivocal, >17 postive

So my question is, what do you think? :) I dont know what to think I would have never thought celiac disease before this but now I think I do. I should also mention for the past 2 years I have seen a rhemoy doc because of other issues. Which are iron defencity animena, hair loss, muscle/joint pain, and a slight postive ANA. I also am taken zolaft for anixety. Autoimmue dieases run in my family(all first genration girl cousins on maternal side all have autoimmune dieases).

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With the other issues/symptoms you have and the 'villious blunting', it sounds like you might want a second opinion. The blood tests are only about 80% accurate.

You might want to show your rhemoy doc those results. It is possible that gluten has caused all the other issues.

You do not need a Dr. approval to eat gluten free. Since your testing is complete you should start gluten free.

Started on this journey w/ my 9 yr old son after a bout w/ the flu in the fall of 2009.

2 neg celiac blood tests, mine was also neg. No endo done. Son had x-ray, showing severe constipation. Son has latex allergy. KP for both of us.

Long family history of bowel problems, auto-immune and all sorts of cancers. My G-mother informed me that she was put on a gluten free diet after she had my mom (1950's), of course she stopped when she felt better. She has had problems ever since I can remember.

So here we are! I do have my son's Dr to thank for even bringing up celiac! Thank You Dr.B!

My adult daughter also has been helped by eating gluten-free.

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