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Celiac Daughter Starts Full Day Pre K Tues Help!

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Hi, my 3 yr old will be starting a 2 day a week pre k program from 9 to 3. They will be served breakfast, lunch, and a snack. They are being awesome and are willing to purchase/provide gluten-free substitues for my daughter. I just was wondering if their was a print out available to send to her school that would make sense and explain what she can & cant have, things to watch out for ect. I know these things but I tried writing it out and its a rambling mess. I trust the women who handles the kitchen as I toured it and spoke with her, I would just feel better if I had something printed out to give to teacher/ principle and cafeteria. Thanks :)

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I just found that also It is awesome! Thank you. I am making two folders one for classroom and one for lunch room :)

Thanks so much for this resource! My 3-year-old was just diagnosed, so I'll need something for preschool. THANKS!


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