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Eating For The Environment

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I've been kind of conflicted about this lately. I've been trying to do more things to live more sustainably. A lot of people go vegetarian. I don't feel like this is an option for me, considering all the things I can't eat. I definitely can't eat gluten, and I really have trouble with dairy and soy. I have a long history with anemia, so I really hesitate to cut back on the red meat.

Has anyone modified their gluten-free diet in order to be more sustainable? If so how? Other than eating more local foods and grass-fed meats, I'm not sure what I can do that won't compromise nutrition.

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I suppose my gluten-free diet is more sustainable in some ways. I buy hardly any processed foods now so I take home way less packaging material than I used to. Most whole foods have no or little packaging. The ones that do I can sometimes recycle their packaging. Like the little plastic peanut butter jars. I save those and store art supplies in them. I am landfill friendly too!

I still have to figure out what to use the egg cartons for. Dang things pile up and I know they have to be good for something. They are just such a neat shape.

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