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Most years I attend an outdoor festival in the UK, and only this year been diagnosed with being coeliac. I was wondering what experiences others had at outdoor/camping festivals? Did any of the food vans cater for a gluten free diet? I've always found it a little trickier going to festivals anyway being a vegan, but they usually have atleast one veggie van but mostly they were burgers (in bread buns) and now i'm wondering if this is even possible, even if i brought my own food whether i could bring enough that would last 5 days without a fridge!

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Sounds like a fun festival. It's too bad food has such a social impact on our lives! That's what really makes gluten free life a challenge!

I usually get a taffy apple, corn on the cob, or cotton candy at festivals.

When I travel, I bring:

  • gluten-free Granola Bars
  • Chips
  • Instant Grits
  • Lara Bars
  • Fruit
  • Peanut BUtter (small packets at health food stores)
  • gluten-free Pretzels
  • Candy
  • Pudding packs
  • gluten-free crackers

I've also been able to eat grilled meat at festivals (after asking whether it's been marinated and looking at how they handle and prepare it), steamed lobster, and snow cones, ice cream, etc. -depending on what is offered. U may be able to take some gluten-free bread or sandwiches for the first couple days.

Good luck!

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My experience is U.S. based, but I've been to several summer music & camping festivals, and I have found at least some awareness of celiac and gluten - and some of the vegan/veggie options may work - rice and beans, for example.

That said, I worry about cross contamination, so I'm planning to pack my own food this summer. Some vegan suggestions...

- Gluten free cereal (In the U.S., Rice Dream makes rice milk in juice-box size containers, so I'll bring that to go w/cereal)

- Nuts - preferably in 1 serving packets for freshness

- Dried fruit

- Fresh fruit & veggies - citrus should keep well without a fridge

- Gluten free pretzels & crackers

- Gluten free snack bars

- Nut butters

- Individual apple sauces

- Gluten free potato or corn chips

- Gluten-free instant soup or noodles (if you can cook there)

- Canned beans - put them on the chips and you've got 'nachos'

Can you bring a cooler? U.S. festivals usually have ice readily available, don't know about U.K.

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