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Need Doctor In Southeastern Ct For Self And Son

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Hi all,

I am seeking a doctor who will assess us for food intolerances/celiac. My PCP diagnosed me with acid reflux and is content with that. Son has been to GI specialists at a children's hospital; treated with Pdeiasure to gain weight from age 2-4 then discharged, saying they didn't know what was wrong. I had asked for allergy testing and they looked at me as if I'm a hypochondriac. Son is pale, distended belly, often has diarhhea, history of projectile vomiting several times per day (this part now resolved) just made it to the normal growth level on chart. I have an appt with GI specialist in 2 weeks and am hoping he will assess me but I've been gluten free for 3 weeks and don't want to go back to it! I have had GI problems all my life, and was always told I had a "nervous stomach." My sister was treated for IBS for years until she began bleeding and vomiting at work; now she is diagnosed with severe gluten intolerance (in another state, or I'd go to her doc)! There is an extensive family history, which the allergist who saw my son this week showed no interest in. Frustrating!!!

Anyway, does anyone know of doctors in this area who treat celiac and are willing to assess food intolerances?


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Can you come to Boston? We had a wonderful experience at Children's Hospital with my 6 year old son. His doctor (Dr. Weir) works p/t with patients and is a Celiac researcher the other time. He did not have typical symptoms and she figured it out. They follow up with a support group and nutrition classes too. When it looked like he might test negative, she was open to other, less accepted diagnosis (non celiac gluten intolerance, etc.)

The doctor we started with (MGH) was all about the numbers . . . "only some blood work was positive, so he doesn't have it" and that was very frustrating. He didn't even want to hear what I had to say ("you've read too many magazine articles . . ."

He ended up testing positive. Had we stayed with the first doctor, we would have never known.

Check out their web page - they have a celiac department at Children's.

Right around the corner is Beth Isreal - they have an adult Celiac department . . .


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