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A Little Rant....

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I must have glutened myself because my stomach is bloated and uncomfortable,

I hurt my knee a week ago and haven't been about to walk or sleep normally because of the pain,

Am still coughing from a bad cold I had weeks ago,

was woken up by my daughter with a dirty diaper,

now can't get back to sleep

and my husband is snoring and hogging the bed (when I point this out he is grumpy and plain rude)

Oh. and I am stressed out because the accountant is coming this week and I am not ready for him.

I am so tired I could just scream and at 4am am wide awake and in tears.

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Sleeping with a snoring bed hog is the pits. I used to go to the spare bedroom when things got too loud or cold. If you don't have a spare bed room maybe a quick cheap blow up mattress in the babies room might help on nights like this.

If he doesn't believe he snores and feels rejected if you sleep the rest of the night elsewhere a tape recorder can make him more understanding. We eventually used seperate rooms for sleeping and it made us both much easier to live with during the day.

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