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Hi Everyone.

Just thought id share with you my supplement combination that seems to be working for me.

The Probiotics im taking is Mega Probiotic ND by Food Science of Vermont which is free from gluten, corn ,dairy, soy citrus ,wheat im taking two capsules in the morning and 2 at dinner time

Im also taking Now Super Enzymes which is a powerful diestive aid free from gluten soy dairy egg i Take one capsule with every meal

would anyone else like to recommend what they use?

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Hi Jay! :)

Soooooo glad to see you are doing better :) and that those supps we discussed are helping!! HOORAY!!

(just curious--did you ever get the other test results back?? must have been neg--good)

I know everyone's system is different, but the digestive enzymes and probiotics seem to help most of us.

I use Custom Probiotics and Enzymedica digestive enzymes.

I am really happy for you, kiddo!! ;)

You keep getting better and better!!



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Hi IrishHeart!!

Thank you soo much for all your help! you have given me hope and invaluable advice over the past few months your really sweet :) BTW My tests all came back NEG I still aint got my hair mineral analysis results back (due next week!)my doctor is almost convinced I suffer from CFS but I have told him I disagree as I know my problem stems in the GUT!!

I have also decided to ignore my weight loss and concentrate on healing my gut which in theory should calm my immune system down! My diet at the moment is very restricted i eat just boiled chicken and rice trying to ensure I eat small meals thoughout the day SLOWLY I have a terrible habbit of eating food wayy too fast it literally doesnt touch the sides which must be causing my digestive system so much stress! an I took your advice an ditched my old probiotics which contained bizarre ingrediants such as sulfites and gelatine and replaced them with the new ones mentioned above which are way more powerful and more importantly more natural! I feel about 60% which is not amazing but its a start considering the past few months ive wanted to jump off a bridge its been that bad! lol

How are you anyway? you recovering from the snickers incident? :P

Jay :)

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60% better is AWESOME!! considering how lousy you felt, kiddo!!

WHOOOOOHOOO! Just hang in there---you're on your way!

yes,hon--- just forget where you've been--look forward!!! B) I was so emaciated and yellow and messed up at one point, I would not look at myself in the mirror. Six months later, I put on 13 lbs., some muscle (I had lost major muscle mass with those 90 lbs.) and now, I really see how reversing the malabsorption is helping me heal.

You may want to try to add in other foods...slowly....one at a time---so you can alternate food proteins. AVOID dairy, soy, coffee, citrus and raw veggies for now so your gut won't revolt!!Try a baked sweet potato! Poke some holes in it, place it in an oven proof dish (it will leak) and bake like a regular potato at 350 for 50 mins - hour. Yummy, full of antioxidants and vit. A and very digestible.

Ah, this is great news, Jay!! Please keep me posted!! I'm really thrilled for you.

And yes, the "Snickers incident" :blink: was an experiment that failed :( ...ah well...we just got some ridiculously sweet strawberries from a local farm--and man, I felt like I went to heaven. :)

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