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Bloated Big Time!

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Hi there, ive been gluten free for 4 days now! The bread that is gluten free has been fabulous! However this evening i had it toasted with a tin of tuna and im bloated quite a lot, my stomach is noisy too! Its not painful which is at least good. Does anyone else suffer with a nosiy stomach? Tiredness is also getting me down this week. Helen x

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Hi Helen, some of us can't handle the gluten free processed breads because of the low level of gluten in them, that's why it's recommended that we start out wih a whole foods diet in the beginning. Then again it could be something else in the bread you are reacting to or it could be the soy in the tuna fish or it could be you're just having an off day. You are just starting the diet so you will have many on and off days before everything straightens out. Isn't this fun? :P

I can get bloating from gluten, soy and/or dairy and the gurgles as I call it. So, all I can say is maybe an elimination diet is in order because you just might have other food intolerances as well as a problem with gluten. A lot of us on here has found that out the hard way. Be careful and hang in there.


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