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Pcos Patient Being Tested For Celiac's

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First off, I'm waiting on the upper endoscopy biopsy test results to know for sure if I have Celiac's Disease. I should know in the next week or so...

My history: I was diagnosed secondary amenorrhea (no periods after a period onset) before having my first miscarriage in 2001, 9 wks gestation. A year later I was diagnosed with PCOS by an infertility GYN. There wasn't a lot of support in treating my PCOS and I was on active duty. The doctors kept telling me I needed to lose weight (then 5'8" and 180lbs.). Of course being on active duty my weight was always a topic! I tried and tried to lose weight and not much helped. I definitely was NOT a sedetary person. I really never ate 'bad foods' or a high qty of foods, but I've always been a little on the 'heavy' side (I have a large bone structure just like most in my family). In 2004 I had my second miscarriage at 18.5 weeks gestation (a very long and painful story- my baby's heart beat stopped and there were no outward signs that something was wrong- I had to have an D&E because I did not lose the baby on my own). Doctors offered no information of what happened and that has always been in the back of my mind. I started taking Metformin and tried again to lose weight (and become pregnant again)- by practically becoming vegetarian. I lost a whole 5 lbs and was able to conceive in 2006!! Our son is now a healthy 4 year old. However, I never had another period (in fact it's been nearly 6 years since I've had one!!). Also, life has become very stressful after I took a 'great' job... Some days I feel things have become debilitating. During the last year I've eaten out a lot because of extended work hours, constant lunch meetings, and a kitchen remodeling project at home. From May 2010 to December 2010 I gained a whopping 60 lbs! I weigh more right now than what I did when I was 9 months pregnant!! It's a terrible feeling! I kept telling my doctor something was right, and last year I continually got sick with bronchitis (4 times in 1 year!) I switched doctors because I didn't feel mine was listening to me, something was terribly wrong! Recently my new doctor discovered I had blood in my stool, by doing a fecal blood test. I've been treated for stress, anxiety, burnout from work, and awful stomach problems. Initially the doc gave me Dexilant to help stop stomach acids from 'burning' in anticipation I had a stomach ulcer. She sent me to see the Gastro doc after the stool test was positive for blood. Almost 2 weeks ago I had the upper endoscopy, which did not show a stomach ulcer but instead stomach inflammation. The Gastro doc took 3 biopsies and mentioned he was testing for Celiac's. I'm eager to get the results... I don't know if any of my family members have ever tested positive for Celiac's, but several have had 'stomach problems'- including diverticulitis. Has anyone else had an experience like mine and discovered you had or did not have Celiac's? How has switching to a gluten-free diet impacted your being overweight, having periods, stomach pains, etc? As a side note, I have been lactose intolerant for about 15 years. I still eat dairy from time to time, but must take a supplement or the pain is terrible. Also, I have insulin (NOT BLOOD GLUCOSE) levels that are nearly 3 times what a normal person has (21 vs. 7). My A1C tests have always been great though (Blood Glucose testing). I've stopped taking the metformin, but I may consider going back on it soon if I cannot lose some weight and figure out what is going on! Metformin tends to make my stomach problems worse though...even more diareha! :( One last thing to add... about a month ago I fell when hiking with our dog. My right ankle has still not 'healed'. It seems like when I feel like it's healed I will move a certain way and the pain and swelling returns. I know...I should have that looked at, but this last two months a lot of time has been spent trying to understand the pains with my stomach/digestive track. I know I have some malabsorbtion issues because of the color of my stools, they're like mustard yellow to a grey color --sorry for TMI!!! Maybe my bones are becoming more susceptible to fracture? I am almost 30...so still young for this type of problem:(

Many thanks for anyone who can share and relate to my situation.

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Hey, I have PCOS, insulin resistant and I tested negative to celiac but would consider myelf non-celiac gluten intolerant. I went gluten free after my negative diganosis and it made a huge difference to my health. However, I have not had the problems you have had, I'm very sorry about your miscarriages :-( I am an unsual for having PCOS in that my cycle is and always has been pretty regular (though apparently, that didn't necessarily mean I was ovulating. I've not tried to have children, so I don't know).

My specialist's main concern was my insulin resistance, weight and cholesterol given my family history (Dad was thin with high cholesterol and a family history of diabetes and had a heart attack at age 54). I've been on Metformin for two years. The first year I could not lose weight, but in the year since I have gone gluten free the weight is finally coming off, though extremely slowly and I feel so much better. My vit D and B12 levels have increased dramatically. I eat very few refined grains because to eat them sets up cravings that make me really hungry. So most gluten free products are out.

Being gluten free makes it much easier to an insulin-resistance suitable diet - the world is full of gluten and contamination and so I can't make the bad spur of the moment decisions I used to make!

Anyway, you are definately not the only one. All the best with your recovery.

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