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Scotty's Brewhouse, Outback, Pf Changs, And Ruby Tuesdays

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Thought I would contribute my 2 cents to this forum.

I live in Central and Southern Indiana, so hopefully this will help some fellow Hoosiers!

Scotty's Brewhouse

gluten-free Menu: 1 page in their main menu

Options: about 4 or 5 plus all of their burgers without buns

Best Choice: Macho Nachos with Chicken or their pineapple salsa Talapia

Times Glutened: 0 to 1

They are very careful and generally ask you if this is for a real gluten allergy (I humor them and just say yes, rather not take the time explaining it to them). When they bring your food to you it always has an American Flag toothpick to designate it as gluten-free. I have been going there a lot as I feel safest with them and they know me really well now!

PF Changs

gluten-free Menu: 1 page in their main menu

Options: 10 to 15

Best Choice: N/A have only went their once

Times Glutened: 0

Very careful, so much so that their gluten-free food has its own platters. Overall, the food was alright, a little underseasoned.


gluten-free Menu: A totally Seperate Menu

Options: Numerous

Best Choice: Its Outback, most are good

Times Glutened: I have only been there 1 times since I went gluten-free, and I felt a little off after eating there. I am unsure if it was their doing, or something else.

Overall, the waiter I had was very knowledgable and assured me their cooking staff was as well.

Ruby Tuesdays

gluten-free Menu: Plastic Binder for people with Allergies; overall, it was pretty pitiful.

Options: Many, but they were usually without many key ingredients. i.e. lobster w/o lemon butter

Best Choice: N/A was not impressed with the salmon

Times Glutned: 0

Overall, they tried to be helpful, but they honestly did not act like they really cared about my gluten-free needs.

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i got glutened at pf changs 1x :( i think it was an accident- a BIG accident. we actually went 3 times in one month cause it was so damn delicious!!! the first time was on a wednesday, not busy.. got the beef fried rice & singapore street noodles off the gluten-free menu- NO problem at all- perfectly fine.

we went back that saturday- and were totally glutened- so much so, that im sure the beef fried rice was made with regular gluten filled sauce., but also got the gluten-free chocolate dome for the first time.

went back a 3rd time- and felt fine.

ive been wanting to go talk with the manager- make sure they dont have some crazy employee like Damien Cardone back there... i hope it will be ok from now on- cause the food is so delish!!!

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