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Toxic Food Syndrome Test Results

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Hello- I am new. I signed up a few weeks ago and have lurked a bit.

I found out about 3-4 weeks ago that I was positive for hashimoto's. My anibodies were 236. I was told that going on a gluten-free diet could help with lowering the antibodies.

Around the same time another dr recommended I get test for toxic food syndrome. I got my results back today about the TFS and i tested positive for IgG ELISA test it was a 32. A friend that has celiac referred me to this group a while a go but when i told her the results she told me to check out this group.

Does this positive mean i may have celiac? At my gyny about 4 weeks ago she tested for celiac and i came back negative however i had been gluten-free for 5 days at that point, plus i have heard it is not 100% accurate.

I have lots of issues right now

Adrenal fatigue


exessive weight gain, cannot lose weight

high BP - which amazingly was really good today and i haven't taken BP meds in a few days.


infertility but i have a 4 year old that we conceived the first try.

I realize i'm all over the board here but does anyone have any recommendations for me? what does this positive mean?

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I've never heard of toxic food syndrome and I couldn't find any reputable sources that discuss it. It sounds like one of those fad deals.

As for gluten, it could be causing you problems. Stop eating it and see if you feel better. You might also want to consider cutting out dairy and soy, at least initially, as those can cause problems as well.

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it's not a diet, it's a blood test that tests over 96 food allergens. Dairy came up on my list, as well as wheat and brewers and bakers yeast. Dr said no WINE:(

Another section showed i was positive for IgG. So the bottom line is if i showed up positive for this test, what does that mean?

I've already cut gluten out and next is dairy. UGH! couldn't even have coffee this morning as all i have in the house is milk. I realize i can substitute, thank god, just haven't been to the store yet.

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I just takes time to figure out what the heck you can eat and how to eat it. There is a section on here that has meal suggestions too which can be nice :) People post what they are eating for dinner for the day. Real life food ideas! Hang in there! It will get better I promise :)

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