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Help In Finding A Gi In Union County Nj That Is Well Versed In Celiac Disease

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I am a new member and need help in finding a GI in Union County NJ that is well versed in celiac disease. My 20 year old daughter was just diagnosed with celiac by way of endoscopy and confirmed with celiac panel blood work. The GI that diagnosed her is no help on follow up, I have learned more from talking with the Kogan celiac center in Livingston NJ and support groups. I need someone to interpret genetic testing that we had. I was told that either me or my husband must carry the celiac gene. Got all tests back and me and my husband do not carry the gene (patient does NOT have the HLA-DQ variants associated with Celiac disease)

yet my daughter has celiac and my one son does carry the gene (patient does have the HLA-DQ variants associated with Celiac disease). I am baffled and my daughters GI is not helping, he feels it is a mutation since genes are a funny thing. I just want a definite answer and guidance to know if maybe the tests were misinterpreted.

I would appreciate any help or referral of a doctor who can make heads or tails of this. I did not post the results, but I can if someone is willing to help.

Thanks so much


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