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New To gluten-free Eating...will I Feel Better?!

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Hi everyone! : )

As some of you wonderful posters know I am very new to this. I have been having strange symptoms for a year and a half, some longer. I have had lots of tests like everyone here, but no one mentioned being tested for Celiac. The PA I was seeing did say at one point to go off gluten for two weeks and if that didn't work to go dairy free for two weeks. I kind of brushed it off as I didn't realize gluten could be giving me ALL these symptoms until a few days ago. So my question is-did you feel like you would never feel better? I have been living with these symptoms pretty much daily for so long I can't remember what it's like to feel well. Did you feel like that and if so are you better now that you are gluten-free? It's frustrating because as amazing as my husband is, he isn't living it so I think it's hard for him to understand. I feel like everyone thinks I'm just a hypochondriac because I keep coming up with new symptoms, but really they just all tie together. Only my second day of gluten-free, and today I am starting dairy free also. I'm truly praying that I will soon feel better. And I will be praying that all of you do, too! : )

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Before I discovered a gluten-free diet I would feel tired every day. Passing stool was difficult and very tiring. I noticed the first gluten-free meal immediately because I wasn't tired after eating it. I always used to want to sleep after having eaten something.

Actually, I somehow got contaminated today, yesterday or the day before and a painful toilet visit today confirmed that. Now I am remembered of what I used to feel like and boy, was it unpleasant. Headaches, stomach ache, tiredness, moodiness and very sticky stool ... I used to wonder if there was ever a day that I wasn't in agony. Most of that belongs to the past, with the occasional mishap.

I think going gluten-free for two weeks is far too short. If you've never been on a gluten-free diet before and you live with people that do not eat gluten-free, you will no doubt make mistakes and you might interpret those as a sign of the diet not working even though it's down to something else.

You might also discover you're sensitive to other food stuffs that could cloud the results of your diet making you think nothing has changed. (For me it's dairy products, have to watch my intake)

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