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Has anyone had any luck with Probiotics? I haven't tried any, but have heard people suggest them, but have not actually talked to anyone who uses them. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or recommendations regarding probiotics!

I am not officially diagnosed - had the blood test 3 weeks ago(which came back negative) and my doctor told me to stop eating gluten,then later see a gastroenterologist... My appointment with the gastroenterologist is not for 2 more weeks, and from what I've read is that there isn't a lot they can do if one's stopped eating gluten. I've been feeling much better, but still get stomach aches and other symptoms (especially in the mornings). Not sure what to do about that - I'd like to get to the root of the problem, but do not want to go back on eating gluten!

Any advise is always appreciated.


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If you stopped eating gluten and go to see a GI they can't really do anything for you. You have to be eating gluten and plenty of it for an endoscope to show damage.

I just met with a dietician and she recommended probiotics because they help heal the damage you may have in the intestines.

I've started taking them and haven't noticed any difference yet, but if they're job is to help balance the flora in the gut and help heal it will take some time to notice I think?

It certainly can't hurt to take probiotics.

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