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Celiac And Cholesterol Problems

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I recently got the results back from a NMR LipoProfile which measures the number and size of the different LDL particles and HDL particles in your blood. My numbers are not good and it shows that my insulin resistance numbers are high leaving me at higher risk of diabetes.

If anyone is experienced with this, please provide input. for example, my LDL-P is 2204 which is very high (Labcorp's top number is >2000).

This concerns me and I will be meeting with my doctor to discuss but in the meantime any input will help.

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Contrary to the popular belief that it's fat and eggs that cause high cholesterol, cholesterol numbers out of whack are most common in people whose diet consists of mostly starchy and white carbohydrates and too much sugars.

If you reduce the amount of white, starchy, and sugary carbohydrates, (so ditch the manufactured and packaged gluten-free frankenfoods) increase your fiber intake, (flax is a good source) and increase your healthy fats intake, (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, fattier cuts of meats) you can likely even out your numbers in 6 months or less. Think Atkins, or the Paleo diet.

just Google "carbohydrates and cholesterol" for dozens upon dozens of articles and studies

Here's one on webmd.


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