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My name is Merrill. I had a blood screening about three weeks ago and have not yet received results. Shortly after the screening I became very conscientious about eating gluten free and have not eaten gluten that I know of for about 2 1/2 weeks. The problem is my symptoms - dermatitis - have gotten much worse and I mean much worse. I have also had a nasty bout of disorientation ( I felt like I was quite drunk ). Is this at all usual or could it mean that I do not in fact have celiac disease? Thanks you for any help.


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Check your shampoo,lotions, cosmetics, etc. for gluten ingredients. You may also be getting a very low dose of gluten from something in your kitchen, a family member, or pet? If you have the skin form of Celiac (DH)iodine can keep the antibodies active in your system, so try to omit it from your diet too. DH can take a while to heal even after being gluten-free.

If you got DH after going gluten-free, you probably came into contact with something without realizing it? We tend to get more sensitive to gluten as our system starts to settle down.(Those immune system "soldiers" are better rested and ready to fight any trace of gluten) We can touch so many things that have been handled by someone with gluten on their hands and not realize we've been glutened. The TV remote and computer keyboard are danger zones for me in my home.

Make a log of what you eat(including brands) and note any symptoms you have. Some of us find we have secondary issues that were being masked by the gluten symptoms after going gluten-free too.

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