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I've been looking for a safe masarepa (or precooked cornmeal for arepas) but have yet to find one. The most popular, P.A.N., states that it may contain trace amounts of wheat and oats. The other popular one I've heard of is by Goya. When I emailed them about their product "Masarepa Blanca" I received the following response:

"Thank you for contacting Goya Foods, Inc.

In regards to your questions, our Masarepa is not Gluten free. Masarepa is susceptible to cross contamination. Masarepa shared equipment with some other products produce on the same plant. Products that contained wheat and soy and even though we inspect and clean our machinery we always make our consumers aware of a possible contamination."

So does anyone know of a safe masarepa to use? I am still in my first your of being diagnosed with Celiac and don't feel comfortable using any product that has cross contamination issues. I am very interested in making my own arepas to give myself some new food options. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I am also looking for gluten-free (also preferably non-GMO) masarepa! This post is 6 months old, have you discovered anything since then? I wonder if it is easy to make yourself at home?

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