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Hi all I'm new here. I could write a long story how I ended up here,but not all for now. My son who is now 14 has been sick most of his life. We did do the allergist and tested positive for soy, dairy, and pea family. so we took that out of his diet but still got sick,,very sick. He missed so much school and last march he had lost over 10lbs in one month, and said: why should I eat anything it will just go threw me" as a mom I was scared to death and not knowing what to do. Our doctor(whom I dont take him to anymore} said he had a virius ha not so,,as we left I told him I will not take you there anymore. So I went back to my small health food store and told him I needed help again, that his immune system was so bad, ok fast forward now! he told me he sounded like he was gluten intolerant and not to have him tested because the test werent very good, and the best test is to just take him off gluten and see if he felt better, and that one of us mom or dad has it..ok it was me..and the very next day, found out that my cousins on my mom side our celiac. Ok he and I are doing better except he has a auto immune issue trying to get him better, just the last l9 monts he has had sinus infection, strep, and just got over pnemonia,but he has missed only a couple of days of school,,I have taken him to a new family doctor, and he told me he problably had celica, and that I figured it out, and blood test ect. are not good test,Enough for now,,that is were we stand,,


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