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Celiac Disease?

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I've been experiencing odd symptoms in the last 2 years and was wondering whether there is any chance I have Celiac disease even though my blood tests all came back normal (except a high bilirubin level). I'm 37.

I first started to get frequent sore throats and cough up green phlegm. This would make my voice hoarse and gave me a constant bad taste in my mouth. I was also getting nausea most mornings and felt like I needed to eat something to stop this nausea. When I went out for a run I started getting chest pains and heartburn. An chest xray came back normal.Then I started getting a pain in my left rib and around the same time started getting really smelly flatulence usually after eating (especially a roast dinner). I was getting full quicker than before and becoming bloated. I'd also noticed and my dentist too that the enamel of my teeth had eroded and become discoloured. I had also noticed frequent foamy urine that was stronger in it's smell. Varicose spider veins in my legs and feet appeared and at around the same time got dark purple circles under my eyes. All these symptoms I still suffer from.

In July this year I had a week of nausea and dizzyness which then became awful acidy diarrhea. I felt better for a while but then my stool seemed to change. It had become much softer and messy (small dark bits as well). I would also find I had to keep wiping clean even a few hours after relieving myself and liquid I was wiping was quite yellow even though the stool colour was quite normal.

For the last 2 months I have also had a constant stomach ache (just feels umcomfortable but nothing worse), bloating, stomach gurgling with smelly flatulence, short term memory loss, nausea, bloodshot eyes at night and when I wake, feeling tired most of the time, especially my legs, tension headaches now and again, belching after food and drink, regurgitating but not to the point of bringing food back up, diarrhea every so often (probably once every 6 weeks), and a frequent nasal congestion and sore throat mainly in the morning.

The doctors first sent me away saying it was probably IBS, but on the 3rd visit this doctor was more concerned and sent me to get some blood tests which included a celiac test. They all came back normal. She is considering a referral to a gastroenterologist. I've lost about 5kgs in weight in the last 2/3 months for no reason other than malabsorption.`

Is there any chance I could have celiac disease? Would a biopsy be worthwhile? I'm desperate to find the answer to my problems whether it be celiac or something else.

Many thanks.

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Yes, it's possible you have celiac disease and yes a biopsy makes sense. One in four celiacs have negative blood tests. There is also non-celiac gluten intolerance, which can make you feel just as awful and ill as celiac but it doesn't do as much damage for doctors to see and measure. Once your GI referral and testing is done, do give the gluten-free diet a good, strict try for a few months.

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Thanks for your reply Skylark.

I've become very worried that it could be Candida instead. I'm going to see my GP next Wednesday. Just so frustrated, stressed and worried at the moment that I can't get a diagnosis so I can do something about my deteriorating health quickly.

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