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More Test Results - More Help Needed!

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I recently had the basic blood tests done for celiac (Gliadin, total IGA, etc.) which came back negative. Celiac runs in my family and I have many symptoms so my Dr ordered salivary tests which she said could possibly be more conclusive. I am not doing the biopsy because of the invasiveness and my current health state, and am totally fine with eliminating gluten for several months to see if it makes a difference in my health, I began two weeks ago. However, it would really help to know what is causing my health issues. If you can help me figure out these results, I wood very much appreciate it!

Total Salivary SIgA: 5 Normal Range (25-60)

Salivary Gliadin IgA: 5 Positive range (>13)

My Dr said that because my total SIgA was really low, that this could make the gliadin a false negative. She also said that if the total SIgA was low, this means that the mucosal lining of the gut is compromised, as seen in celiacs. I also showed positive for thyroid antibodies (???), she mentioned this is common in celiacs.

Does anyone know more about these tests? Do celiacs usually have low SIgA? I am not familiar with the tests and wold love more insight as to what they mean and if they correlate with celiac. I know that ultimately how I feel is the biggest thing here, it would just give me piece of mind to know if I have celiac or not, and if I'm on the right track with the elimination diet.

Thanks for your help, t.

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