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Yay/nay Products

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So your 100% gluten-free, what products (Brand names) do you like or dislike? What works for you and what doesn't and why? I know my first couple of weeks had been trial and error and a lot of products and $$$ in the garbage or became bird food. I'm 5 weeks free and feeling much better, trust me I would kill for a meal out but not yet. Lets share and help each other. I live in Long Island, N.Y. and shop @ Trader Joe's and Whole Foods for my gluten-free products. This is just my opinion and taste preference and all products are labeled Gluten Free.

Udi's Whole Grain Bread - Yay

Udi's Bagels Regular and Raisin - Yay

Udi's White Bread - Nay too dry and dense even toasted (save and use for bread crumbs or stuffing mix)

Udi's Whole Grain Hamburger Buns - Yay fresh and soft

Kinnikinnick Hamburger Buns - Nay crumble in your hands

Kinnikinnick Blueberry Muffin - Nay can't describe the taste not good

Kinnikinnick S'Moreables Graham Crackers - Yay made an awesome crust for cheesecake

Kinnikinick K Toos Chocolate Cookies - Nay too sweet and chewy and taste old and stale

Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme - Yay found my Oreo substitute

Brown Rice Tortilla's - Nay don't remember the brand I through them out

Maria & Ricardo's Tortilla - Yay soft and fold able, wet with moist hands and warm in the toaster oven

Quinoa - Yay like a rice nice addition to any meal

Quinoa Pasta (small shells) Yay just like the pasta we're use to great flavor and texture, great in soups

DeBoles Rice Penne - Nay too mushy no flavor (may be just me but I don't care for 100% rice flour)

Bionature (rice, potato and soy) Pasta - Yay a little Al Dente but good flavor and texture

Aleia's Bread Crumbs - Yay have made fries food, stuffed artichokes, toasted on pasta, great texture and flavor and sticks well to fried food

Van's Waffles - Yay any flavor lightly toast and eat plain or top w/ apple butter, jelly and makes a great on the road snack or eat @ your desk

Blue Diamond Nut-Thins Crackers Yay great cracker, light and fresh

Snyders Pretzel Stick - Yay like eating regular pretzels great to mix Dijon and Honey and dip in

Flour - Yay/Nay I need help. I've been using Bob's Red Mill Rice Flour. I have made Picatta, thickened gravy and soups with and Rice Flour is OK.

Bread machine is my next venue, I'll try in the next few weeks to make my own and I sure there will be alot of throw a way. Will love your help.

Please share what works for all.


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My favorite gluten-free product is Udi's mixes. I've tried them all except the cinnamon rolls, but will try them soon. (DP loves Udi's too, and isn't gluten-free.)

We like Tinkyada brown rice pasta.

And I love Haggandaz Rum Raisin Ice Cream.

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"My favorite gluten-free product is Udi's mixes."

Whoops, I meant Chebe's mixes. Udi's is ok, but I don't like their buns. :o

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I just tried Namaste bread mix and am quite pleased with it. Even my 5 year old, who has not enjoyed most attempts at gluten-free bread, liked it. I bought a few other mixes by them (they're corn, soy, and dairy free, which, sadly, I need), but haven't tried them yet.

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My YAY products:

Udi's white sandwich bread - it's the only decent bread available locally

Udi's Cinnamon raisin bread - YUM!

Udi's Hot dog and hamburger buns - again, not perfect but the best I've found

Kinnikinnick KinniToo cookies - mine have always been perfect, not stale at all

Kinnikinnick S'moreables and S'moreables crumbs - perfect graham crackers/crumb sub

Kinnikinnick Panko style bread crumbs - another perfect substitute

Kinnikinnick pizza crusts - reasonably affordable and decent in taste and texture

Namaste Almost Perfect flour blend - Has worked in everything I've tried it in

Namaste Spice cake mix - added some extra ginger and made phenomenal gingerbread

Pamela's Baking mix - perfect and quick pancakes

Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Oats - I love oatmeal cookies and oatmeal or steel cut oats for breakfast

Chapman's Ice Cream (might be only Canadian) - almost all their ice creams and ice cream treats are gluten free and made in a gluten-free facility and there are lots of gluten-free flavours including cookies and cream

Rice Chex (plain and Honey Nut) - It's nice to be able to grab a box of "regular" cereal that's not crazy expensive.

San-J low sodium gluten-free tamari - tastes just like yamasa which was my pre-gluten-free favourite. Lovely on sushi.

Goldbaum's ice cream cones (all varieties) - what can I say, it's nice to have an ice cream cone.

My NAY products

Any Glutino bread I've tried (we don't have Genius yet). The slices are too thin, texture is weird, taste is worse and they stick together in the freezer so bad you have to chisel them apart and most of the time the slices break.

Glutino pretzels - my kids love these but I think they have a weird flavour and at $10 a bag I'll pass

VH gluten-free soy sauce - dark, bitter and just awful.

Food for Life rice tortillas - horrible taste and worse texture. Gummy and chewy and tough.

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My new go-to flour is Cup-4-Cup by Williams Sonoma. It is expensive, but I can make my old pre-gluten-free pie crusts and cheese straws. It has really worked for everything I have tried.

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I haven't bought a whole lot of gluten-free products, but here are the ones I like:

My Yay Products:

Rice and Corn Chex - Love eating real cereal at real prices

King Arthur gluten-free flour mix

Lays Stax - Again eating sorta real food at real prices

Betty Crocker gluten-free Chocolate Chip and Cake Mixes - I had a anaphylatic reaction (not gluten related) to the cookie mix, but the cookies were still super yummy

Lara Bars - My purse stash in case of emergencies

Kinnikinnick's Personal Pizza Crust - tastes like bread sticks. yummy!

Skittles - My gluten-free treat

Moon Goddess gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars - These may be local to my Whole Foods, but they're super yummy. My coworker, who is not Celiac, even adores these and is willing to pay Celiac prices for them.

My Nay products:

Soy Joy Bars - Ugh...Totally nasty tasting

Unfortunately we don't have a Trader Joe's here. I wish we did. So whatever gluten-free stuff I can't find at my local Kroger, I have to go to Whole Paycheck for.

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