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I Have No Idea What It All Means

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Greetings, I've been lurking for a few days as I have been researching symptoms. Long story short...problems for about 10 months, after years of other issues I can see now looking back (irritable bowel, lactose, bloating, etc). Several months ago, my sugar was acting up, noticed bowel issues that have now gotten worse. Definitely having malabsorption issues. *I* suspect pancreas problems OR Celiac. Doctor is convinced it is pancreatic insufficiency, but I asked for the Sprue Blood panel do be done. The results were just called to me, but I don't understand.

The nurse said: The IGA test she requested was low normal, so she wants to keep an eye on it and recheck in six months. I tried to get more information but the nurse didn't have more. I've left a message for the doctor to call me with more detailed information.

Does anyone know what this means: The antibody test was low normal?

Urinalysis and blood work (cbc, etc) came back all normal. Having abdominal and Pelvic CT scan on Thursday to put my mind at ease.



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It sounds like they are talking about total IgA, which is not an indicator of celiac. Low normal is not a big deal. You need to find out your celiac panel lab results, along with the normal ranges.

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