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Biopsy / Endoscopy

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So I've been to the doctor and he suspects celiac disease. The blood test that he said to be most reliable is positive.

So I've got a referral for a specialist. And it will be his decision whether or not I have a biopsy.

But my appointment isn't until february 21. So do I just put up with feeling unwell until then, or do I decrease the amount of gluten in my diet by cutting out breads and cereals and increasing them closer to the specialist appointment?

What should I do? I've been really fatigued for a couple of years, and I'm sick of feeling so unwell all the time!

Can I cut down on my gluten or do I just have to keep on feeling like rubbish until I go to the specialist and get a biopsy?

Please help!!

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If your going to have an endo as part of the diagnostic picture then yes you need to keep eating a regular gluten filled diet until then. The choice of whether to go gluten free and skip the endo for diagnosis is up to you. With positive blood work you do need to be gluten free after all testing is done. You could talk to your doctor and ask if he will give a diagnosis based on your recovery on the diet and a change of your bloodwork from positive to negative after you have been gluten free for a while. Some will give an 'official' diagnosis based on response to the diet.

You could also call the GI's office and see if you can get on a cancelation list so you might be able to be seen sooner.

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