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Any Advice On Threelac?

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Hey everybody,

My name is Taylor and I am a 24 year old male. A brief history of my problems start back in August of 2010. I tried Prilosec OTC for 5 days due to some NSAID burn and I had a terrible reaction. Turns out my liver did not have the correct enzymes in order to eliminate the Prilosec and I literally had no acid in my stomach for over a month. I have been sick ever since but it has recently been getting steadily worse.

Symptoms include: Adrenal Fatigue, eye floaters, gluten intolerance, pounding heart (from adrenal fatigue), intolerance to heat/humidity (the shower), lethargy, brain fog, eczema, poor digestion, intolerance to exercise, esophagitis, post nasal drip and some other I can't remember right now.

I thought it was just gluten intolerance and have been gluten free for a month now. Little improvement but not enough to write home about. Just got some test results back from my holistic doctor and I have adrenal fatigue, overgrowth of bad bacteria, and a serious Candida infection (stool test). This nasty little buggar burrows into your small intestines with things called rhizoids and can cause leaky gut syndrome, which I think I have. In turn, this can create Celiac type symptoms. I got this news about a week ago and have been on a strict diet with some supplements since then. I am on a meat and veggies only diet and am taking, garlic supplements, colloidal silver, probiotic (20 bill), and 2000mg of vitamin C daily. I honestly don't feel that much better.

I have seen alot of "treatments" for candida but ThreeLac has a ton of postive reviews of speedy and extensive results. I have also seen a decent amount of bad reviews that say the the entro.fae. bacteria can be dangerous.

Does anybody have any advice or experience with this?

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Threelac has helped me. I've read those reviews too but I've never had a bad reaction to it. I have found that I have to do other yeast-killing measures while I take it though. As well as the meat and veggies diet, coconut oil is great, and I've also really liked Zand Candida Quick Cleanse.

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